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Gusto had started off on foot, but he decided to take the quick tunnels. There were some behind his waterfall alcove. Cubbi trailed the artist, and made his way in quick strides. The tunnels would be easier to travel because they went all the way to Ursalia.

Grammi was getting ready for bed, and decided on one last cup of tea. She had seen Sunni to bed, and Tummi also headed up to his large and cozy bed, so she decided to have a little time for herself. Pouring the water into her cup, she hummed to herself and sat down at the table. A yawning Zummi walked in from being down in his lab most of the day. He gave her a tired look and opened his mouth to talk.

"Er Grammi…I meant to tell you…um, thank you for everything you do. Really…if it wasn't for you, we'd all have a lot of trouble." He sat down next to her and put a hand over hers.

"Thanks Zummi. I know I can be a grump sometimes. Just having to handle little Cubbi is enough, but its him and Sunni that keep me young. I love being here for all of you guys. Care for a cup of tea?"

"I'd love one." He smiled and watched her go over to the kettle and prepare his beverage.

Gusto was moving faster and faster until he grew weary and decided to camp for the night. He found a small cave to the side of the tunnel and crawled in. Sleep found him almost immediately. Cubbi who was also tired managed to find another hold above where Gusto was, he still did not want the elder bear to notice him, so he too went inside the other cave, and fell fast asleep.

The next morning at Gummi Glen, Gruffi was the first one awake. He was in his usual grumpy mood and went to fix himself something to eat when he was surprised with a blood curtailing scream. It was coming from Cubbi's bedroom. Dropping what he had in his hand, he ran up to the bedroom and saw Grammi sitting on Cubbi's bed holding the pillow that he had buried under his blankets. Tears were streaming down her face, and she looked up at the angry faced bear.

"He did it again didn't he? Well I'll be bounced!" Gruffi yelled out, and walked over to Grammi laying a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry Grammi, he'll be fine, I am sure of it." She looked up with a worried glance.

"What…what do you mean he'll be fine…you don't even know where he is, he could be hurt of lost or…(gulp) killed!" Sunni and Tummi who had heard the scream came in. Sunni wiped the sleep from her eyes. She saw Grammi sitting on the bed and questioned her.

"What's the matter Grammi. Where's Cubbi?" She crawled up on the bed and was embraced by the elder female bear. Gruffi ignored the question and scoffed.

Gruffi wanted to sympathize with Grammi, but he was much too angered by the actions of the little bear. He looked around the room and noticed that the Crimson Avenger costume was gone, and one of Cubbi's small tote bags. Gruffi knew the child had did this on purpose.

"Grammi, do you remember yesterday when that confounded brat asked to go to Gusto to Ursalia?" It may have seemed like a tiny light bulb went off in Grammi's head, suddenly she stood up and shook her head yes.

"He went with Gusto? Well…alright then…he'll be taken care of, I am sure. But I am not understanding why Gusto didn't turn around already with Cubbi."

"Oh Grammi, I am more than sure the little runt hasn't shown himself yet. He is so determined to get to Ursalia, that he is most likely hiding."

"Grammi, he's got a point there, remember how long it took us to find him that time we went to Gusto's island? And we had all traveled together and he took off. He's not messing around." Said Tummi as he scratched his head. Gruffi looked at the large bear bewildered.

"Well I am not sitting here waiting for my precious baby to come back, I want him now. Gruffi, you are going to have to bring him back!"

"Grammi…I assure you I have no problem bringing him back here, but the rider is still being repaired. I thought it was okay, but there is still a key element that I am missing, and well, it is going to take a few more days."

"What about the tunnels? I assume Gusto went by foot." Said Sunni with hope and determination in a resolved answer. Gruffi just looked at her, and then responded.

"He is already a day and a half ahead of us, it'll be easier for him to get there and notice Cubbi is with him, rather than me going to retrieve him myself."

The Gummi family contemplated and talked it over what was going on. Meanwhile, Gusto had woken up in the cave and yawned loudly, so loudly in fact that it woke up little Cubbi. He made a safe hide again so Gusto would not see him. Gusto grabbed his gear together and continued his journey further. When he was a little further away, Cubbi jumped down from where he was sitting in, and followed the bear. He was soon regretting his decision to go to Ursalia, but he knew it would be an incredible moment when he arrived.

Gusto whistled while he walked and in little to no time, the trail lead to a wondrous place…Cubbi's eyes widened as he stood a little ways away from Gusto who breathed in deep and took the lay of the land in. He proceeded down the trail and walked into the greeting arms of some of the most barbaric bunch of Gummi bears. He approached one particular bear, she was the leader of the Barbics and they had once lived in Barbic Woods, but now claimed Ursalia as their own now. The female bear walked up to Gusto and patted him on the shoulder as a friendly gesture.

"Good tidings Gusto! Very good to see you, its been ages!" She looked over his shoulder and was surprised to see someone else. "And I see you have brought a castaway!" Gusto surpassed a gasp and looked behind him, and looking saw Cubbi dressed in his little outfit.

"Cubbi??? How did you…where did you come from? How long were you following me?" He shook his hand at the child and held his cool. "Just what do you think you are doing here?"

The Barbics all stood standing looking at the altercation between the other two Gummi's. Gusto did not wait for an answer, he decided it was not going to be the best for him to completely blow up at the child who was clearly terrified. Ursa walked over to the two. She knelt down, and looked slightly concerned.

"Little one…come, you must be hungry…let us dine, and maybe Gusto and you can have a little talk later?" She looked up at Gusto who's face was slightly pink and holding back anything he wanted to say. Cubbi shook his head yes and took her hand as she held it out. Smiling, she gripped his hand tightly. "Alright then, we will feast and find somewhere where the two of you can rest at ease."

She lead the two and the others followed into the great hall. There was a mighty feast and all the Barbics ate and drank. Gusto sat with Gritty, one of the other Barbics. He was sharing conversation about the little stunt that Cubbi pulled.

"Quite the little runt you got there." He laughed heartedly and raised a glass of ale and drank it down. Pointing over to one of the smaller Barbics named Buddy, he stated the cub was similar Cubbi. "Yeah, that one over there…learned a lot of hard lessons…he knows his place. That one of yours…I'd teach him a lesson or two…course its not my business whether or not you do anything."

"No…you are right. I will have a little talk with him once we get settled into bed."

The feast was finished and once the bears had done rejoicing, it had gotten late. Ursa had decided to put Gusto and Cubbi in a room down in the other side of the wing of the great castle. Once goodnights were said, and Cubbi was in the bed, Gusto closed the door, and turned to the child.

"Cubbi…are you completely mad following me? Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in? Grammi is going to be so upset with you!"

"Gusto! I wanted an adventure! Grammi would never have let me go if I hadn't snuck out! The Crimson Avenger needed a rip roaring voyage!" He jumped out of the bed, and started for the door, but Gusto held him back.

"Come on Gusto! We are in the greatest place for searching things…let's go be masterminds and find some trouble!" He grinned at the older bear and lunged again for the door. Of course Gusto was not allowing this.

"Go for some trouble? I believe you have enough trouble when you arrive home…and right now!" Gusto grabbed the bear by the ear, walked over to the bed, and threw the naughty cub over his knee. Cubbi panicked. He had never expected in a million years to be punished, much less scolded by his favorite buccaneer.

Whatever Cubbi thought of the artist, he was wrong. Gusto was very serious on the counts of awful that Cubbi Gummi had done. Gusto lifted his hand in the air, and it fell several times clear across the little bear's backside. Fully making him aware of his wrongful doings, the bear begged for the elder to stop, and feeling slightly sorry, Gusto did. He set the sobbing boy down and gave him a stern glance.

"I am taking you back tomorrow. You have ruined my plans and I have no idea what I am going to say to the others. Go right to sleep, and I had better not hear one peep out of you. Go to bed now!"

Cubbi nodded furiously and ran straight to his bed. He got under the covers and closed his eyes. Gusto needing a moment to himself opened the door and walked out of the room, but was surprised to see Ursa smiling at him while she stood by the door.

"Having a little trouble with the wee one? Bottom smacked as soon as he gets here?" She held her laughter and Gusto frowned at her.

"What? You think I handled that wrongly? I usually don't do anything to the parenting effect of that child. He and I get along, but that was way out of line." He seemed flabbergasted and held up his hands. Ursa patted him on the shoulder and smiled.

"Get some rest…long day ahead of you tomorrow." She turned around and walked down the hall. Gusto breathed in and looked behind him. A snoring little bear lie in the bed. The artist had no idea what he was going to do now.
Chapter Five: Little Cub Found

This story is written with inspiration from :iconkilo60:
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wow, never seen that side of Gusto...shocking, but I would expect no less from a stunt like that
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dawwwww poor little brattish Cubbi. He deserved it. I hope he won't do any more michief.
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Haha...he did deserve it. But now...if he doesn't make anymore mischief, then how must the story go on I tell ya?
Petia-DiS Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011
>3 in that case. Do mischief, young Cubbi.
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