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Cubbi had slept in a little late, most likely because he was out when he wasn't supposed to. He rolled out of bed, still slightly sore from his encounter with Gruffi the previous night. He walked down the steps to the kitchen where Tummi was sitting with a large bowl of oatmeal and looking at a book. Grammi had her back to the cub washing dishes. Tummi looked up and smiled.

"Hey there Cubbi, have a seat." Said the overweight bear as he gulped down some milk from his mug. Cubbi smiled and sat down. Grammi turned around and smiled at him. He did not say anything because he was ashamed of the way he had behaved last night, and he was most upset at himself for disobeying Grammi. She walked over to him and gave him a bowl of oatmeal.

"Here you go Cubbi…now eat up, and then you are right back to your room." She was plenty mad at him, but did not want to lecture him, as he was punished enough from last night. She walked back to the sink, and washed some of the plates there. Gruffi had already left, having to deal with the likes of fixing the rider. He was already in a grim mood.

Zummi soon came into the kitchen whistling and seemingly in a pleasant mood, but he was never really upset about anything. He sat down with his large book and cleared his throat.

"Grammi would you be a dear and make me a cup of tea?" He smiled at her and she nodded. Looking over at the young cub, his smiled turned to a frown. "Have a bit of trouble last night did we? You know you are not supposed to go out into the woods, especially with the trolls out and about." He adjusted his spectacles and waited for an answer.

"I know Zummi…Gruffi caught me last night. He made me learn…I have to stay in my room for the rest of the day…its not fair, I was supposed to help him." The bear put his elbows on the table and groaned.

"Now now Cubbi Bear, you know you did wrong." He looked up as Grammi brought his tea. "Why, where is Gruffi anyway?" As he sipped the delicious concoction. Grammi would often use cinnamon and clove to make it delightful. She still did not release her recipe to any of the bears.

"Gruffi is down in the basement fixing the rider. I told him to go to Gusto's island and request his assistance. Gusto hasn't visited to us in a long while." Zummi looked at her with a wild expression, he then spoke up.

"Err Grammi…Gusto's island is no longer available. Don't you remember? It sunk into the water. Pity about that. I think he is just exploring, and will be back to visit in a little while, after all…he does live behind the waterfall." Zummi was perplexed as to why Grammi would have forgotten this information.

"Oh…hmmm well I must be getting forgetful in my age, you know…I must get out more, the likes of being inside, and always around the kitchen has gotten me flustered." She turned back to the sink and continued washing. Cubbi sat at the table poking at his breakfast, he looked up and saw Sunni come down the stairs with a smile on her face. She stopped when she saw Cubbi sitting there.

"Cubbi…good morning!" She gave him a small little hug and then walked over to Grammi who gave her some oatmeal. Taking the bowl she walked back over to the table. Zummi stood up and walked back to the sink and was making small talk with Grammi. This gave Sunni a chance to speak with her brother. He stayed quiet for a second, but she stared at him.

"What? Why are you looking at me Sunni?" He picked up the spoon, and the gelatinous goo slid off and went back into the bowl. She always felt compassionate for the little cub, but this time was different, she had told him something to do, and it got him in hot water.

"Nothing!" She replied quietly as to not arouse attention from the two adults standing ten feet away. "All I am saying is, you wouldn't have been caught if maybe you put pillows under your blankets, and made it look like you were hiding." She smiled and swallowed her spoonful.

Cubbi did not like to be called out on his plans. After all, a little bear that is constantly on adventures…it was disgraceful to think a girl bear could do better. He got really angry and threw down his utensil.

"I climbed in through the window like you said Sunni and I…" He was suddenly cut off by Grammi walking over to them.

"Cubbi…you will cease that infernal squabbling." She glared at the little cub, but then turned her attention to Sunni. "And you young lady…am I hearing this right? Did you tell Cubbi to climb in through the window?" She stood with her hands on her hips. Zummi removed his glasses and beside Grammi raised an eyebrow at the little girl.

Sunni could not look either adult in the eye, but knew she was in trouble already, so she had to do something. Looking up with her eyes filling with tears, she tried the pity approach.

"Aw Grammi, Zummi…I didn't mean to, I am really, really sorry. Look…Cubbi is okay…nothing happened to him." Grammi was appalled. She turned around, walked over to the kitchen drawer, pulled it open and grabbed her wooden spoon out of it. Sunni's eye's grew wide, and she slid off her chair. Her hands flew to her backside, and she backed herself into the wall. "Grammi…I'm sorry…"

"Sunni Gummi, I am very disappointed in you!" Grammi held the spoon firmly, and looked back at Zummi who looked just as upset as Grammi did. "Zummi…make sure Cubbi finishes his breakfast, and if you could please draw a bath for him, I need to have a little discussion with this little girl right here." Grammi walked over to Sunni and grabbed her firmly by the hand. The two walked up the stairs to Sunni's room.

Once the two were gone, Cubbi looked down at his empty bowl. He was full, and slightly unhappy. Zummi stood behind him, and cleared his throat.

"Go put your bowl in the sink, and I will run a bath." Said the elder Gummi. Cubbi slid off his chair, put the bowl in the basin, and then followed Zummi into the washroom.

"Owwwww!" Cried out Sunni as she lay across Grammi's lap, holding on tight. The spoon smacked her bottom smartly. She was given a stern little lecture, and her penance was what every naughty little bear got when they did something wrong.

Grammi gave her a couple more smacks, and then with the spoon, she set it down alongside the bed. Taking the little girl into her arms, she rubbed the small of her back, and held her tight.

"Now now Sunni…you know why this happened. Your brother was thankfully not in any immediate danger, and it is alright, but something awful could have happened." Sunni held Grammi and choked back some tears and held her backside. "Okay, so you are going to stay in your room until I tell you to leave." She let the cub down from her lap and stood up. "I know you have a lot more sense to sneak out of the window. I will be back up shortly, and you can help me make some Gummi Bear juice alright?"

"Yes Grammi…" Sunni said softly as remaining tears streamed down her little face. She sat on the bed, and opened up a book. Content now, she began reading. Grammi knowing the cub was fine, turned to the door, but not without grabbing the spoon, and then exited the room.

With Sunni punished, she walked towards the bathroom and heard splashing of all sorts. Opening the door, she witnessed mountainous bubbles and heard laughter. Zummi was making these large and ludicrous bubbles with his magic. This was making the small bear who was sitting in the tub laugh hysterically. Grammi on the other hand was not amused.

"Zummi! What on earth are you doing? Getting these soap suds everywhere!" She slapped him aside the shoulder and he grinned.

"Sorry Grammi, just having a wee bit of fun. The little tyke is all yours. Sunni alright?" He asked with a concerning tone. After all, the Gummi adults were strict, but they never intended to hurt the children. Rules were rules, and they had to be obeyed.

"Yes she is alright, just reading for now in her room. Go on with you Zummi, I need to get this child clean, and then." She turned full attention to Cubbi. "You are going to help me pick Gummi berries!"

The excitement in Grammi's face was less than appealing to Cubbi. Picking Gummi berries was not fun, and it was a chore. Anything that was manual labor was never a fun activity, and work with Grammi was never an exception.

"Oh great!" Said the sour faced bear. Grammi smiled, and dismissed Zummi to his lab. She lathered up the bear's fur and scrubbed with delicate hands. Cleaning his ears, and back, he was soon a well cleansed little cub. Grabbing a towel behind her, she scooped Cubbi out, and got him warm and dry.
Cubbi clutched the towel around him and waited as Grammi was done primping him. He had known from past experiences that it was far more better to wait until she was done, rather than escape and be punished. Once she was done, she smiled at him.

"Okay Cubbi, raise your arms, we'll put your shirt on, and then you're ready to help me." He sighed and then put his arms in the air. He always felt like a baby doing this, but again…did not argue. Once she was done, they left the bathroom and were now back in the kitchen.

Cubbi waited for Grammi. She was taking a little longer than usual, and so he walked over to the table and sat down. The back door that led down to the basement opened and in walked a very irritated looking Gruffi. His mood never changed though. As he barged in, his eyes went directly to Cubbi.

"And who gave you permission to leave your room young man?" He rolled up his sleeves and started to walk towards the young cub. Grammi however interfered and walked in front of him.

"Gruffi! He came down for breakfast this morning, and I had every intention of having him stay upstairs, but then I remembered that I will need help with the berry crop, and I could always use an extra helper."

Gruffi stared at the cub, and then walked over to the pantry and helped himself to some bread. Biting into it, he nosily chewed, and then responded back to the elder bear.

"Alright then Grammi…is there anyway Sunni or Tummi can at least help me. I haven't seen either of them all day. And there is no point in asking Zummi, as busy as he is these days." He swallowed the bread, and was immediately given a mug of milk by Grammi.

"Well I can try and see about Tummi, most likely he is day dreaming, or just puttering around in his room. You'll have to be without Sunni…she is being punished."

Gruffi looked up strangely. This was different to hear. He had always witnessed or been a part of Cubbi's antics, but it was slightly out of the ordinary to hear about Sunni misbehaving. But then again, she wasn't much older than Cubbi…and she was still a young cub. He eyed Grammi with a mouthful expecting an answer.

"She helped in the aiding of our young Crimson Avenger…but no worries…I corrected that." Grammi grabbed two baskets out of the storage space and glanced at the little cub. "Are you ready youngster?"

"Yes Grammi." Cubbi ran towards her, avoiding Gruffi's eye and took a basket from her. The two walked towards the front door. Grammi lifted the latch and they were soon outdoors.
Chapter Three: Poor Sunni

This story is written with inspiration from ::iconkilo60::
Kilo60 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm... I myself wished the adult bears were more strict... Especially in the show.

Interesting story, too. :clap:
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! I am glad you like the story.

Yeah, I actually think the way cartoons these days don't have enough "parental adjustments", a better way to word it. The networks don't show any of it, and its upsetting, especially since Cubbi was always getting into trouble.

(Btw, I LOVE your Gummi Bears drawings. It was actually you who inspired me to write my fanfictions.)
Kilo60 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh really? Thank you! I'm glad I could inspire someone.:bow:

And your absolutely right, the cartoons today(and family entertainment in general) have just taken a huge downturn. I mean, when was the last time you saw a show(cartoon or family) where the children had to ask permission to leave the dinner table? Or say grace? Or cover thier mouths when they yawn?
This type of thing simply doesn't exist anymore.
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