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*Read the description below, there is a picture/drawing from a fellow deviantART member that goes along with the short story.*

Canada was sitting in his study and had a mountain of work to do. Signing, and adding up dispositions, he looked over to the clock, and saw that it was a little after one in the afternoon. His little one, Francis had been down for a nap, as it happened to be an exhausting  experience prior to the child going down. The four year old boy was being fussy, and did not want to nap, he threw a minor fit, and Matthew felt it was a well needed decision to put the child down, even though it was rather difficult. The boy had been asleep for the past two hours, lunch would be served in a little while, but there was no point in waking the child until he woke up by himself. He got up from the desk, and huffed a sigh while taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes talking to himself.

"I suppose I will need to finish these later. Now on to see what is served for lunch. I am famished." Canada walked out of the study, and walked up to his room, and grabbed his blue jacket, pulling it on, as it was a little chilly in the mansion. He then walked back down the stairs to the dining room. He noticed it was vacant, and upon taking a stroll down to the kitchen, he approach the head chef who looked up with a smile.

"Ah Monsieur Canada…we are almost ready to set out the meal, and I was just about to ring you. Why don't you go ahead and take a seat in the…" The chef was interrupted by the chiming of bells. Matthew looked over to the wall and saw that they were coming from little Francis's bedroom.

The chime system was throughout all the main rooms. France would normally pull the one he knew his father, or the maids were in the most. When he was about to respond to the chef, one of the maids was bustling her way into the kitchen, and stopped, looking up at the chimes. Canada snapped his fingers.

"Claudette, please see about Francis. I only assume he would like some lunch, and then please bring him down to my study, as I will have him for a little while." Canada looked to the maid, and Claudette curtsied and walked out of the room, and ascended up the steps to the child's room.

Matthew would eat a little later, and walked back down to his study. He just needed to get a little bit more work done. Francis stayed in his bed, gripping his stuffed bear, and started to whine a little bit. As he was about to get nervous because there was no one coming, he stood up in his bed, and started to cry loudly.

"Aghhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhh…wahhhhh!" The child bounced up and down, and he seemed to stop as he saw the door open to his room.

Claudette walked in and with a pout on her face, she walked over to the side of the bed, and held her hands out.

"Oh come here little one. Don't cry, I am here. Would you like to come downstairs and have something to eat?"

France rubbed at his eyes though he still had tears running down his face. He looked to her, not saying anything, but nodding his little head furiously. He reached out his hands, and was taken into a full embrace. The maid held him tightly, softly whispering into his ear, and alerting him that everything was going to be alright. Francis liked Claudette, and he just leaned his head against her shoulder.

She kept his little night shirt on because if he was going to eat something, he would most likely get some type of food on it, and he would get a bath afterwards. She walked with the child, and approached the stairs walking down them, and arriving in the dining room. When the boy got downstairs, he noticed his father wasn't anywhere to be seen. He slightly got upset when he was placed into his chair. Claudette went to walk away, but the boy called out.

"Claudette! Where is Mon Papa? I want to see Mon Papa!" He clenched his little first together, and was getting antsy. The maid looked back at him, and pursed her lips together.

"Oh little one, your Papa is very busy right now. He said for you to have some lunch, and then I will take you to his study when you are done, okay love?"  

Hearing that he would have to wait, the child just about had a melt down, and started to stamp his feet.

"Noooooon! I want Mon Papa! S'il vous plaît Claudette? I want to see him now!" He was now blubbering with more tears falling down his face. The maid was beside herself, and without Canada being right there, she had no choice but to heed to the child's wants.

"Okay, okay…I will take you down now little one." She pulled him back into her arms, and while he sniffed loudly, she walked down to the study, and rapped on the door.

Canada was writing something when a loud knock came from the outside of the door. He looked up slightly annoyed, but heard the little cries from an unmistakable little nation, and he cleared his throat.

"Come in!" He looked to the door as it opened slowly. His stern looked faded as he gazed into the face of a very unhappy little boy. His unhappy little boy was red eyed, and yearning for his father. Canada put down his pen, and walked from the desk. "Awww…Francis…whatever is the matter Mon Petit?" He stood by the desk, kneeling down on one knee, holding out his arms.

Claudette walked in, and set the eagerly and anxious boy down on the ground. He quickly ran to Canada's arms and moaned slightly. The elder nation stood up with the child in his arms, and looked to the maid with a smile.

"Please give us a moment Claudette. Have lunch set aside, and I will see about bathing and dressing Francis. I think he just needs to wake up a little more, and spend some time with me."

Claudette nodded her head, and walked out of the room, and headed back towards the dining room. Watching her leave, Matthew held the boy close to him, and swayed back and fourth, hushing him, and trying his best to calm the child down. Francis liked being in his father's arms, and though he was still sobbing, he was feeling better. Walking over to the couch, the elder nation sat down, and laid the boy's head on his shoulder.

"Okay Francis, its alright…you need to calm down my little boy." He stroked the child's cheek. The chibi nation looked up with his big eyes, and gulped, while rubbing his nose.

"Papa, Papa…hi Papa…" He smiled, and laughed a little, and Matthew smiled back.

"Oh I see, you are okay love. Come, let's get you into the bath, and then we will dress you. Maybe go into town? Would you like to go into town with me?"

Hearing the idea of going into town with such promise in his father's voice, Francis nodded his head, and bounced in the nation's lap.

"Oui Papa, Oui!"

"Okay then, if you are a good boy, then we will go. But I am not going to take sad little boys, so come now, be my happy little one, and we will go ahead and give you a bath first." He stood up, and France responded.

"I want to wear something nice Papa, I want to wear a nice outfit."

Nodding, he only chuckled. The child had a lavish and wondrous collection of only the finest outfits. Canada was sure he would have no problem picking something out for his son.

Walking up the steps, he arrived in the washroom, and filled the basin with water. Throwing in some lavender and vanilla, he then turned to the child, and threw off his clothing, having it drop to the floor. He then lifted the child up, and placed him into the water. For the most part, France enjoyed his bathes, and soaked in, taking in the smell, and the gentleness of the soap being scrubbed into his hair. Canada smiled down, and was happy that there were no more tears, and that the child was calm. Sometimes bath time was something of a horrible nature.

Once it was over, and France's hair was rinsed, Matthew reached over and grabbed a towel. He wrapped the child snuggly, and pulling him into his arms, he walked out of the room. He arrived to the child's bedroom, and setting France on his feet, the elder nation turned to the wardrobe.

"Okay then, what do you want to wear Francis?" He opened the doors, revealing many different outfits. France looked and pointed to one particular. Canada pulled it out, but it looked like there was a slight tear. Shaking his head, he looked to the boy. "Oh, not this one Mon Petit, it looks like it has…"

"Non Papa! You said I can pick one out, I want to wear that one!" He pouted, and Canada responded.

"Francis, it has a tear in it, and I will need to pick something else out, so eh, why don't we go with this one." One caught his eye. Canada grabbed it, and held it out. It was very handsome, and powder blue in color. "Oui, this will do Francis..."

France stood there for a moment then ran to the window to look out not sure what sort of weather it was today, he looked behind him at the outfit and shook his head

"Non I don't like that one!"

Canada looked over to the small nation, and shook his head. He needed to be firm, but not sound like a monster. His little one was usually not one to really protest, but this time he was for some reason.

"Um, Francis...I understand you may not like this outfit, but never the less, I am the elder, and you will wear this. Now come over here." He held the outfit out, and made a come hither motion. Francis frowned a little and clutched the front of his gown.

"Non Papa! I don't want to wear that one, it is not handsome like the one I had picked out, and I want to look nice. That one is not nice!"

Canada sighed, and huffed a little. He did not want to start any problems, but also did not want to give in to the little nation's wants. His gaze turned stern, and he walked forward, getting down on one knee.

"You know what? You ARE going to wear this. I know you are not happy, but I have a lot to do, we need to go into town. And Francis, you always look nice, whether it is something you pick out, or something the maids do. With me picking this outfit, I see no problem with it." He pulled the child forward. Francis whined and felt himself be pulled forward, and he let out a cry

"Mon Dieu Papa! Its not far. I don't want to wear this!" He stamped his little feet in protest. A tantrum was not far off, and Canada knew this.

The elder nation did not pay any mind to the child. He took the little pants, and pulled them on, putting the boy's feet through, and once that was done, he started to put on the jacket.

"Ahem...ah so its not fair, and nothing is fair when you are little. Welcome to life Mon Petit. I am more than sure you will need to get used to it, as I had to in the past. Arms out, jacket is ready to be on." Francis crossed his arms and shook his head.

"Non Non Non!" He stamped his little foot, not really having a fear that his father would do anything to him if he refused.

Canada was a wonderful father, and loved the boy unconditionally, but it was true. He spoiled the nation, and sometimes discipline was rather difficult. He had spanked the boy some time before, and it was always the last resort, and he hated to do it. Canada was not sure if he could really get irritated because after all, the child had pulled this little 'tude many times. He slightly backed away, unsure of what to do, but something needed to be done.

"Um...Non, need to get dressed, so the day can continue." He grabbed at the child's hand, and pulled him closer, forcing the jacket on. "Don't be difficult because this will only take a second, and then we will eat some lunch, so um...come on!" He said this with slight hesitance.

Francis sensed the hesitation and knew that he could possibly play on that to his way.

"NON NON!!! I don't want this jacket and these clothes are uncomfortable and I don't want to wear them!"

Hearing the little nation shout back at him, Canada was at a loss for words. He looked around, and swallowed hard, pulling back the jacket, and just looking at the child in his little pants, and tights.

"" He braved himself with worry, and slight determination. " will do as I say Francis...or....or I'll do something!" He waved the jacket, and motioned for the boy. "Put on your coat, the maids are  expecting us with lunch, and I haven't got all day." Francis stomped a foot and glared up at Matthew.

"I…I don't care. I have had enough of this! I wont wear this. I wont and I dislike it and I shouldn't have to!"

Having enough of his little attitude, Canada pulled the nation close to him, and pat the boy's bottom several times, and then holding him close, he cleared his throat.

"I have had enough. The next time you give me grief, I am going to give you a spanking." He pulled the child's arm, and put it through the sleeve. "Put on the other sleeve, and hurry up."

Francis yelped, it didn't really hurt but the fact that Matthew had raised his hand to him and planted those swats there was enough for him, that and he threatened to give him a spanking which hadn't happened often.

"Non, Non Papa, I don't want a spanking!" He bit back his lip, and put his hands behind his little bottom.

Buttoning up the jacket, and planting the little hat upon the nation's head, Canada stood up, and his face was very straight forward now, and he held out his hand.

"Well then, behave yourself, and listen to your Papa, and I will not give you a spanking. You need to obey me and mind your little tongue." Shaking his head, he just held out his hand. "Come, is time to eat. I am sure Monsieur Chef has something wonderful for us."

Francis whined and tugged at his shorts he hated the way they fit him and he wiggled his bottom.

"Ugh, Oui Papa. Um…let's go then…" Canada looked at the boy, and sighed. He walked over to the child and grabbed him up in his arms.

"Okay." He held the child, and the two walked down the steps. Arriving on the landing, he set the boy down, and took his hand. Francis pouted a little and pulled back a little. Matthew shook his head. "I don't understand why you are giving me such a hard time. You look very handsome."

"Papa…this outfit makes me look stupid. I don't want to wear it!" Sighing, and taking the child's hand, he walked to the dining room, and put the child into a chair.

"No more of this Francis. End of discussion with the outfit. Must I remind you what will happen if you do not stop it?" He glared at the boy, and France got real quiet. The elder nation walked around to seat himself. The Chef then walked in, and stood by the table with his hands to his back.

"Good morning you two, glad to see you are ready for lunch. I have prepared a filet of fish sautéed in a butter cream sauce, some roasted potatoes. The little one will have a hot cocoa, and if you would like water, or some wine?" The Chef looked to his Master, and waited.

Francis frowned and perked up in his chair. He really, really disliked this outfit. He had to wear it one other time, and it was when his Papa took him to get some pictures taken. He moved around uncomfortably, and pouted. Canada gave an eye to him, and then looked to the Chef.

"Water is fine Chef…and Francis will have his cocoa." Nodding his head, the man walked away, and Matthew looked over to the child. "Francis…please stop with the infernal whining. Its not the worst thing in the world with your outfit, you look very nice."

France was not going to let this go, and he continued to pout, and stamp his little feet while he now stood up in his chair. Canada looked over, while the Chef set the glass of water down, and then walked over setting the coca down in front of the childl.

"I don't want to wear this Papa!" He leaned forward on the edge of the table, and set his little hands down. The Chef saw this, and moved the cup of cocoa away. Matthew nodded to the man, and then spoke up.

"Excusez-Moi Chef, I have to deal with a very ill tempered little boy. Please excuse us." He set his water down, and gave the child a stern look. Chef walked away, and France continued his little fit. Clearing his throat, the elder nation kept a coolness about him. "Sit your little backside down on that chair immediately, and drink your cocoa. If you do not mind me little one, you are going to stand in the corner."

France sat tight lipped. He was not going to let this rest, because after all, he was very, very uncomfortable. The clothing itself was not a rigid material at all, but still, it was not to the child's liking. He did not want to look adorable, which was strange, since the boy always looked his best all the time.

Feeling like Canada had an understanding, as the child was not responding, he went back to his water, and sipped from it. Chef came out of the kitchen wheeling the cart with the silver platters of their lunch, and placed on plate in front of Francis, and walked to the Master of the house, and set it down in front of Matthew. Looking up, the nation smiled.

"This indeed looks delicious. Merci Chef." He took to his fork, Chef bowed, and then the man walked back to the kitchen. France now sitting, took up his fork as well.

He had not wanted to admit, but he was very hungry, and Chef did make a very delicious piece of fish. He took his fork, and put a piece to his mouth, chewing eagerly. Canada looked up while consuming his own lunch, and was content that the child was behaving for the time being. He smiled, and decided on asking the child a question.

"Francis…what do you want to get in town today?" The child looked up with a mouthful, and then swallowed. He licked his lips, and pulled at his collar.

"A new outfit Papa?" He said with a smile, and Canada just shook his head. He did not want to get upset, as the boy was being sassy, but not enough to really set him off. Just shaking his head slightly, he responded.

"Alright enough of that. Finish your lunch, and then we are going to leave." He looked over to the side of the table, and took a small bell in his hands, ringing it to alert Claudette.

The red headed and pretty maid walked in while looking at both nations. She approached her Master first and walked to his side. He pushed himself slightly from the table, meaning that he was done, and Claudette removed the plate. She then turned and walked towards the little one, and he was just looking up, casually swaying back and fourth in his chair. She took his plate, and went to walk, but the boy spoke up.

"Claudette…my Papa dressed me today." He gave her a look, and while Canada watched, the maid just smiled.

"Oui little one, I know. I like it very much, you look very handsome." She stayed smiling, but the boy was not amused. He did not want her to like his outfit, in hopes of her maybe changing him.

"Well I don't like it…if I spill food on it, will you change me?" He said this in a little tone, which caused Matthew to get up, and stroll to the boy. He apprehended the child by the arm.

"And that will be enough of that." Taking the boy off the chair and looked towards the maid. "Claudette please take care of the dishes, and have the driver for the carriage called…but eh, give it about a half hour please."

The maid nodded and walked away. Matthew then looked down to the boy, and shook his head, walking him towards one of the corners in the dining room.

"Naughty, very naughty Francis. I told you that you were going to wind up in the corner, and now you will stand here for ten minutes."

Francis whined, and stamped his little feet, which was becoming a regular thing, but Canada did not pay any mind.

"Go right now…I am warning you young man!"

France did not want trouble. The corner was better than a spanking. Though he was upset, he marched over, and stood facing the corner. He had to stand there for ten minutes, and to a boy, it was a long time.

Canada walked over to the table, and sat down, taking a look at a newspaper, and started to read it. He wanted to keep an eye on the boy, and make sure he obeyed.

France stayed standing, and did not whine. If he did, he would not be allowed to go to town, most likely end up being spanked, and sent to his bedroom to go to bed. After the time passed, Matthew looked up and cleared his throat.

"Okay Francis, you may stand away from the corner." He got up, and walked to the boy, who looked back, and turned around. Canada held out his hand. "Come along, we will get into the carriage, and go straight into town. I am sure we will have a wonderful time."

The two walked out of the dining room, and into the main foyer. One of the butler's opened the door, and Canada nodded, walking with his little one. They arrived to the carriage, where the boy was helped in, and the other nation got in as well. The door was shut, and they were soon off.

The ride into the town was not bad. Francis cuddled in his father's lap, and leaned his little head against the nation's chest. He hummed a little tune, and feeling that the boy was content, Canada did not say anything, as he wanted the child to stay behaved. They rode for a little while longer, and soon arrived. The door was opened, and Canada got out, with the child in his arms. France fell asleep a little, but as soon as he noticed they had arrived, he suddenly got excited. He wiggled a little wishing to get down, and Matthew obliged. Setting him down, he pulled him close to him, as he knelt down.

"Okay you…we need to go to the bakery, as I want to get some rolls, and then we are going to the stationary store. If you are a good boy, we will stop at the toy store before we leave."

The boy looked up, and he felt a little annoyed, because they had traveled all this way. Of course they had to go to the toy store. France pouted a lip, but nodded.

"Oui Papa." Canada stood back up, and held out a hand. The boy took it and they walked to the bakery first. It wasn't a long visit.

Canada got some rolls, and had them bagged. He then looked down, and the over to the pretty lady behind the counter. She smiled down at France, and handed him a sweet donut. France said thank you, and that was the end of the first errand. Canada was glad it wasn't a long visit, as the boy usually persisted with wants of other treats. The next shop was the stationary store, which Francis never liked because it was boring. They arrived, and as soon as the two walked in through the door, there was a joyful laugh from behind the counter. Canada looked up to see a large jolly shop keeper from behind the counter. She came around, and smiled down at France.

"Oh what a cute little one, and look at his outfit!" She pointed, and then looked over at Canada, and continued with her large smile.

"Yes, this is my little one, his name is Francis." He looked down, and held the boy against his legs. "Say hello to the nice lady Mon Petit."

Francis backed farther into his father's legs, and shook his head no. He did not like this stranger woman, and he thought she was very annoying. He did not want to be cute, and hated the outfit he was wearing still. The fact that she was celebrating it, made him upset. Matthew held the child's shoulders and repeated himself, a little more firmly now.

"Francis…please, don't be rude. Say hello to the nice lady, and thank her for complimenting you."

This was the last straw, and the boy was not going to take it anymore. He pulled away from his father, and looked up at shop keeper. He pouted out his lip, and stuck his tongue out.

"I don't like you, I don't like this outfit, and you are FAT!" He stomped his little feet.

The woman's smiled faded, and her whole face went red as she blushed. Canada's eyes widened and he choked on what was a cough, and a clearing of his throat. Looking down, the elder nation went to grab the boy, but Francis seeing this dodged the nation, and ran out the door. Matthew looked up, and apologized profusely.

"Oh Mon Diu, I am so sorry miss. Its just…he's a little shy. Um…he is having issues with…I am just beyond sorry and…I don't know what to say!" he quickly excused himself and ran out of the shop, shouting towards the little boy. "Francis…Francis."

The little boy ran out to the square, but did not go any further. He heard his name being called, and some others walking along had noticed the child and the elder nation calling after him. France looked at his father, and started to tip toe a little more. Matthew saw this and shouted again.

"FRANCIS BONNEFOY, do not move an inch further! You stay right there!" Canada walked and all the while, he just had the most awful look upon his face. His eyes ablaze, and he did not care if people were watching. Approaching the boy, he grabbed the child's arm, and spoke harshly to him. "Young man, that was extremely rude, and very naughty. How dare you!"

Wiggling free, Francis was not about to be yelled at in the street, and he had a bit of boldness as any four year old could.

"Non Papa! I didn't want to go to that shop, and I didn't like that lady, and I do not like this outfit Papa. Its not fair!" The boy cried out, and then started doing something Canada was absolutely mortified about. The little nation started jumping up and down, stamping his feet again, and had the most awful frown. He was getting quite the looks.

Canada looked around, and then back at the screaming, and horrible antics from the child. He was having quite the tantrum, and this needed to be handled now. He did not care if there were people around, this was indeed a done act.

"Young man…I have had it. I am done with your little tongue, with your little whines, and especially your atrocious tantrum right now! I am sorry, you have left me with little choice." He walked closer, and grabbed the boy up into his arms, and tucked France under one arm, now having the child dangle. The child kicked his legs, and whined.

"Noooooooon, Papa, Non!!!"

Once the child was held firmly, Canada held back his hand, and smacked it firmly across France's backside several times. France was shocked beyond belief. He was shocked because this was the very first time he had been spanked in public, and could not believe his father was going through with it. He gasped and started to kick his feet and cry.

"AH AHH NON NON! Please not here, not here!!" He screamed and cried loudly, the swats hurt more than he thought they would being delivered very hard. His father was indeed angry.

Canada smacked his hand again on the child's little backside. He shook his head, and continued, hitting harder and harder. It just seemed for the past day, he had had enough with the boy's antics.

"I don't care if a million people watch, you are never to act in such a way ever again." He laid his hand across again, also making sure to smack at the lower legs.

Francis gasped and cried now even louder. He would have never imagined this would happen. He closed his eyes, as he did not want to see the bystanders around watching him being humiliated as he was spanked like this and sobbed.

Matthew continued with three more hard smacks, and then set the crying boy down. Canada rolled back down his sleeve and stood straight up. He shook his head, and looked over to where the carriage was. It seems as if he was going to cut the town visit short, and they would go home. He cleared his throat, and looked down to the sobbing child.

"I am more than sure this will not happen again. Right young man?" Francis did not open his eyes but shook his head and rubbed at the tears on his face, so humiliated he wouldn't dare lift his head up.

Nodding his head, he grabbed up the boy into his arms, and walked to the carriage.

"Come, we will now go home, and you can forget any toy store, as it will be punishment for the way you behaved, and the embarrassing and appalling display just now."

The boy just moaned, and shook his head. A visit to the toy store was something he wanted greatly, but being naughty, he just knew he couldn't go now. The two arrived in the carriage, and it was a quiet ride home. Francis had tired himself with crying, and soon passed out in his father's arms. They arrived back home, and getting out of the carriage, Matthew holding the little one, walked straight into the mansion, and up the stairs, towards the boy's room. Upon arriving, Matthew walked into Francis's room, and arrived at the bed. He placed the child under the blankets, and sat looking at him. Sighing, he hoped the child would wake up in a slightly better mood. He leaned forward kissing the child on the forehead, and got up, walking to the door. As he was about to close the door, he heard a little voice.

"Papa…Je suis désolé. I didn't mean to be a naughty boy…" He sniffed, and rubbed his eyes. Canada put a finger to his lips, kissing it, and giving the child a make shift throw.

"I know Mon Petit…rest, and then I shall see you later. Je T'aime Francis." France nodded, and then closed his eyes again, and Canada sighed, having a moments peace to himself, at least for a little while.
Le Tantrum Magnifique-(The Magnificent Tantrum)

Based on :iconarkham-insanity:'s Role Reversal drawings. I know some have wanted a fiction for it.

This is the first in the series with Chibi France, and Papa Canada.The sketch can be found here:


Je suis désolé-I am sorry
Mon Dieu-My God
Je T'aime -I love you
S'il vous plaît -Please
Mon Petit-My Little One

More to follow! :-)
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Terrencethetitan Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
I only did something like that when I was four.............. I didn't do anything like that again............. As far as my moms concerned I've been an angle for many years to this day.
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Tantrums often lead to little spanked least in my stories they do. And of course you are a little angel. 
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Thank you for the complement, and ya your logic and the mega Tantrum Francis did led to it in public. Yikes. 
Fallout93 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
I would seriously hate to be stuck in that outfit too but I would never have dared to throw a fit over it. Kids of today should take a note of this.
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The outfit is seriously one of my favorite things about the story, as Arkham had drawn so well. But yes, I these days. Oy!
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Oh, by the way, brilliant story! I loved it!! :)
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YES!!! This is disaplin(can't fucking spell) ladies and gentlemen!

Unlike my Mom who makes idle threats to my 10-year-old sister who is spoiled and acts like a complete brat!

I am that person who just looks at at my sister and other bratty kids throwing tantrums and screaming loudly in my head at the parent(s) : DO SOMETHING!!! YELL AT THEM, HIT THEM, SPANK THEM JUST DO SOMETHING!!! OR I FUCKING WILL!!

Even some teenagers acts like spoiled brat, and that's very sad coming from me because I'm only 16...I will not tolerate it...
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I think I am the only person who believes certain children need to be spanked. I do not condone abuse, I mean, why would I? Some of my stories may seem harsh, but they are fiction. I was raised with a smack to the backside when I needed it, and at 32 years old...I am okay to say...I am indeed...OKAY. Anyway, thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it.
One-of-the-Seven Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome. And, apologies for my...little essay on spanking, I was spanked when needed (and my sister was not). I applaud parents who will disaplyn(I cannot spell that word) there children when it is nessesary to do so. Much like you wrote Matthew to be. And this was a wonderful story, well written.
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XDDDD I feel Francis's pain.
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My gawd. Francis totally deserved that. xD I love how Mattie didn't care if there were others around. He knew the boy had to be taught a lesson and humiliation is a good teacher. I'm sure he'll be far more well-behaved, come the next trip into town.
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Awww, thank you for the kind words. Glad you liked it, and well, there was only so much patience Matthew had when dealing with the wee little Francis.
animegirl2012 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're entirely welcome. ^^ And oui. I can imagine. Lol. That kid would've pushed me over the edge, LONG before he did Matthew.
Otencia Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Lightthewolf23 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
Next time on america's funniest home videos...little french thought's big fit :sent in by arthur kirkland

:iconenglandgiggleplz: - I knew this would come in handy some day.
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Very cute. :-)
Lightthewolf23 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Thank you. ^w^
chemicaldrinker334 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
aw poor little france. He did get what was coming to him though XD
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yes he did. Naughty little one.
chemicaldrinker334 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
he reminds me of my younger cousin. BUT unfortantely for me my cousin always goes unpunished...-_- ALWAYS
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha...well, with the way my views are on child rearing...too many kids today are brats. Not saying to beat kids, nothing like that, but a spanking never hurt a kid too horribly. I am a product of child spanking...and nothing bad happened to me.
chemicaldrinker334 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Yeah same with me (only I wasn't THAT bad of a kid so I didn't get it much) But my cousin is a first class, whine and cry untill I get my own way,swear like a sailor when I'm only six and get away with it brat.
CRAZY4LUV Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh imagine if francis was a teenager , jesus!!
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My head cannon depicts him as a wild nation in his teens.
CRAZY4LUV Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed , can you write a story about it ?
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hmmm...not sure if I will write about Francis's teen years, its a possibility.
CRAZY4LUV Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hollar90 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
gawd lil'france sure is a bitch
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
He sure is...papa Canada was not please, and corrected that behavior at once. :-)
hollar90 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
LOL yup
heart-of-oyster Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2012  Student General Artist
this reminds me of a very strange and very real way....I LUV IT!!!!
heelen3 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
well every nation has to have a parent nation that is how they become great
Mango-Gato Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
im sorry but, that's what he gets for such a little bitch.

but that's just me.
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Little France pants had a very well deserved spanking coming to him. You are right.
Mango-Gato Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
good thing Canada him it in him to beat him on the street. im the kind of person who would stop, watch and then walk away slightly giggling. i think im an asshole.
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Omg...I am def an asshole. I would laugh...its funny to me, little brats need it sometimes.
Mango-Gato Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
Mango-Gato Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
france threw a minor fit.
:iconfrancerageplz: : le rage.
dismiss874 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
This was so cute! *favorites*
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awww thank you, yes, this was one of my personal favorites too.
dismiss874 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012
Hee Hee Canada says eh once :giggle:
elphieofkiamoko Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
>w< This is so cuuuute....
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Aww, thank you!
((Francis is so cute but so spolied. But Canada tought him a lesson!))
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, little Francis is a little naughty in this, but you are right, Canada did teach him well.
YukaTheDemon Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Oh mai, that was adorable!!!
:D Papa Canada is the most adorable thing eveerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, is really is, and he does not take crap from his little one. :-)
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