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*Read the description below, there is a picture/drawing from a fellow deviantART member that goes along with the short story.*

Standing in the kitchen preparing something to eat for dinner, Feliciano was smiling while stirring the pot of sauce that he had made. The afternoon had been relatively calm for the most part, but Italy's partner, Romano was in a bad mood. The two were not around, because little Rome had ventured outside, and with Romano telling the boy to stay close, he made it his mission to see where the child had gone. This left Feliciano in the house alone. He was humming and having a good time cooking, when he was interrupted by the sound of whining, and lecturing. Looking over to the door, he saw Lovino walking in, dragging along a very naked little Rome in his grip. The elder nation looked furious.

"And another'a thing, naked? What is'a the matter with you?" Pulling the child along, he had him now standing before him, while the nation crossed his arms over his chest, looking down. Feliciano walked over to Lovino, and set a hand down on his shoulder.

"Romano? What is'a the matter with your son?" Shrugging him off, the irate nation looked down pointing.

"MY SON? Humph! It seems *your* son decided to a' go off on a' little jaunt, strip himself off'a of all his clothing, and take a' swim. All the while almost getting caught'a by that little Germania brat!" Lovino started to roll back his sleeves, but Italy stopped him.

It seemed that whenever the boy behaved naughty, or unconventional, it was Romano's child, but any other time, it was Feliciano's.

"Wait, wait…come now, he was only  a' swimming. And it's a' naked time all the time when you a' swim!" He smiled down to the little boy, and Rome biting back his lip, tried to smile, but he was frightened at his other Papa.

The rolling back of one's sleeves meant a spanking. Little Rome put his hands behind his back, and covered his little bare bottom. A little more vulnerable now that he was fully naked. His Papa Romano was usually the one who gave out spankings, very strict and always teaching him right from wrong. The boy loved him, but then looking over to his other Papa, Feliciano, he slightly smiled. Only once had he ever been chastised by Feliciano, and that was when he got to close to the stove, and received a little smack on the back of his legs, but that really didn't count, Feliciano was just scared. Within seconds, the little one ran to Feliciano's legs, and grabbed hold of them, burying his head in and sobbing.

"Ahhhhhhh…Papa Feli, Papa Feli, please don't let Papa Romano spank me! I was only swimming, and…and I am sorry!" He gripped harder to the nation's legs.

Looking up Feliciano gave the other nation a glare. He never liked to be witness to a punishment, but was always there to give the boy comfort and solace afterwards. Romano just looked down and shook his head.

"Fine…at least'a go and get him changed. I am not running a' nudist community." He wavered a finger at Feliciano, and then back at the small nation. "And you just'a stay where I can see you next time, or I'mma going to wallop that'a little backside!" Romano just glared, and then walked away, having some things to accomplish outside.

Feliciano bent down, and pulled the boy up into his arms. Cradling his little bare skin, and leaning the child's head into his chest. He walked around with the little one, swaying back and fourth. Rome sobbed a little, and wiped his eyes. He did not like the threats, and leaned in closer to his "kind" Papa. Looking over to the stove, Feliciano saw that he still needed to finish cooking, but he decided to go and bathe and dress his little one.

"Come on Amore, Papa will get'a you changed, and then you can help'a me finish the pasta, and we will eat okay?" He leaned down, taking the small little nation into his arms, and kissing the child's chubby little cheeks.

Rome smiled, and hugged Feliciano tightly, and nodded his head. He was happy in the elder nation's arms, and was glad he had avoided his bottom being roasted. Romano loved the boy just as much, and Rome knew that, but his father could spank, and spank well.

"Si' Papa, I want to'a wear something a' nice!" He bounced in Feliciano's arms, and the leder nation just smiled at him.

"Ah Si', we will see. Nothing a' too nice, don't want you to get'a dirty!" He walked with the child and they arrived at the top of the stairs. Before they could go to the boy's bedroom, Feliciano walked towards the main washroom, and set the child down. "A nice'a hot bath for my little Cucciolo."

Italy turned and prepared the bath, while little Rome stood waiting. He just twirled back and fourth, and when the water was set, the elder nation turned back and grabbed up the little boy, placing him gently in the water. As he washed, Rome asked a million questions, as this was typical of a four year old.

"Babbo what else are we going to have for dinner? Are we having pasta? And bread. Oh Papa are we having yummy greens…and meat balls? Tell me Papa, tell me!" The little nation was so excited, and clearly his eyes were bigger than his mouth. Italy just smiled, and ran a wash cloth over the boy's little body, scrubbing him, and getting the trace marks from the outside off him.

"Si' little one. We are having Farfalle pasta, and some tomatoes. I have'a made a chunky sauce, cause'a I know you like that. Your Papa has made a nice'a meatballs, and I have some grape juice, while your other Papa and I have some'a wine." He rinsed the boy's hair, and made sure the soap was out of his eyes.

Rome looked up, and he was very anxious to eat, but hearing the last part, made him a little jealous. He always wanted to be a part of what his Papa's were doing and eating. Hearing that he would be allowed grape juice, while the others got wine made him slightly irritated, and he stamped his little feet in the bath.

"Papa! I want some wine too! It'sa not fair, why can't I have it?" He looked up with his little adorable face. Italy just shook his head, while reaching in and grabbing up the wet child into a towel.

"Oh no, no little one. You can'a have wine, its for grownups. Perhaps maybe when you are'a little bit older." He took the boy into the bedroom, and set him down. Rome was not happy with this answer, and since it was Papa Italy who told him he can not have wine, he could have a little fit, and the nation would not really do anything.

"No! Papa, no! It's a' not fair, I want to taste some wine, I want to!" He stamped his little feet. Something that seemed to happen a lot more, but Feliciano kept calm. A little tantrum was nothing to get upset about.

"Now, now my little one. You can'a have it when you are older. It's a' done talking about this." He dressed the boy in a white tunic with a red trim. Then putting little brown shoes on the boy, the elder nation stood up, and held out his hand. "Come now…supper won't a' be ready for a little while. Do you want'a stay up here, or play downstairs?"

Giving the boy an option, Rome sniffed a little. Not having his way was one thing, but since his Papa was so calm, it made him slightly upset, and he jumped up and down.

"I want'a wine, I want'a wine, I want'a wine Papa! I want, want want!" He kept jumping, and Feliciano not knowing what to do, slightly hushed him the best he could, without having Romano come upstairs, because the child would surly get spanked for causing such a fit.

"Si' Si'…let me see what I can do. Hush now, hush little one. I will go get you some wine." The nation shook his head, and walked away from the boy before Rome got even worse.

The boy looked up, and stopped with his yelling, and smiled. He had gotten his way, and nodded his head.

"Yay! Yay Papa!" He watched as the nation left the room.  Of course Feliciano was not foolish to simply give the boy wine, so he walked out of the bedroom, and walked down the stairs. He grabbed a jug of grape juice, but served it in a goblet, so as to make the child think he was drinking wine.

As he did this though, he knew the boy would taste the grape, so thinking fast, he poured a little balsamic vinegar into the cup, and swirled it around. The bitter sweetness of the substance would make the child think he was drinking wine. As he finished this, he was about to go back upstairs, when Romano came back through. He was making annoyed sighs as he was reading something, and almost walked into Feliciano. Walking by, he put the paper down, and gave the nation a quick peck on the cheek.

"Did you give Roma' a bath?" He walked over to the table and sat down, crossing his legs, and huffing slightly. Feliciano blushed a little, and set down the goblet.

"Uh Si' Romano…he is upstairs right now, I was just going to give him a drink." He took up the goblet, but Romano seeing this made a come hither motion.

"Wait, wait…what'a are you giving him Feli?"

The nation took up the goblet and walked over to Lovino. He was slightly nervous as to what the nation would say, but he needed to say it anyway.

"Rome eh wanted a little wine, and I told'a him that…" The nation was cut off by a slamming of Lovino's hands on the table.

"Feliciano Vargas, you had'a best not be telling me that you are'a serving our little Bambino wine. He is'a only FOUR YEARS OLD!" The irate nation could not believe the stupidity of his partner. Such gall, and nerve. Italy backed away slightly, but Lovino grabbed up the goblet, and sipped from it, only to spit it out. "Aghhhh…what'a is this shit?" He coughed and sputtered, then looking up at Italy with an angry glance.

"Its'a grape juice with a little balsamic vinger. I told'a Rome that he could not have'a wine…so I just thought…"

"You thought'a what Feli? You would give in to him, and act like he is going to get it? Let me tell you'a something." The nation waved a finger at him. "He is'a going to get it if he tries anything else naughty. I have'a had it. But go on, give'a him some vinegar grape juice, yeah. That'll make him nice and'a sick!" The nation got up, scoffing, and walking down to the den to just have some peace and quiet.

Felciano held the goblet in his hand, and watched as Romano just walked down the hall. He did not see the harm in having the child drink this. If anything, Rome would spit it out, and never ask for wine again, until he is of age. Walking out of the kitchen, the nation walked up the stairs, and approached the little one's room. Once he got there, he saw Rome laying on the floor, playing with his toys. He looked up however when he saw Feliciano standing there with the goblet, and he got right up.

"Yay! Papa got me wine!" He ran right over, and anxiously tried to grab at his father's arm, to get to the cup, but Feliciano stopped him.

"Hey, hey…wait'a moment little one." He calmed the boy down, and then handed him the goblet. Giving the child a little warning. "Now sip it down slowly. I don't'a want you to get sick." He said this hoping that the boy really wouldn't get sick, but what's a little ill parenting once in a while. Feliciano was really loving, but he was slightly absentminded.

Rome's eyes widened. He knew he begged for this, but he was not even certain that Italy would actually give it to him. Upon taking the wine into his chubby little hands, he tilted it back, and sipped from it. Within moments, he held it back, and made a face. It was a mix of disgust, and anguish.

"Ahhhh…Papa! Ewww this is bitter…and not sweet at all!" He held the goblet away, and handed it back to Feliciano. The elder nation smiled, because now he knew the child would not ask for wine again.

"Okay, you see then now? That's a why Papa's only drink wine. You are too young my love." He grabbed the goblet, and the boy sputtered a little, wiping his mouth, and looking up.

"I thought wine was suppose to be a' sweet Papa? Papa Romano has had some…and he said he would spank me if I ever had some." The boy pouted with his lip out.

"Well, er Si', there are different wines, but we don't have'a any sweet wine. Now then. Go and play. I will'a call you for dinner in a little bit." Felciano walked away from the child, and proceeded to walk down the steps towards the kitchen to finish preparations.

Rome knew that there had to be some more wine, and he knew that it was kept in his Papa's pantries. There were several decanters of the wine stored and he was going to try and find out the best tasting one.  The only problem was, the pantry was right off the kitchen. His Papa Feliciano was in the kitchen, and Romano was down in the den. This would require some deep thought.

The little one got the yucky taste of the bitter wine from his mouth by grabbing a piece of candy from a little stash in his room on top of his little night stand. Chewing he sighed, and then left his room. He was supposed to be playing, but he did not necessarily have to stay in his room to play, as long as he kept busy, and was not in the way, he was fine.  He arrived down the steps, but waited as he heard his Papa cooking. He peered in and saw the elder nation.

Feliciano prepared some plates, and was getting the table set. He still had some stirring, and had to set the meatballs on a separate plate. Romano would want bread, and he needed to cut that. Romano yawned and stayed seated. He was reading some random book, flipping the cover, it was "The Secrets to Everything Tomatoes." He was very much interested in it.

Italy walked to the pantry and grabbed up one of the decanters of wine, but left the door open. Rome's eyes widened, as he knew this was his chance. Italy grabbed a goblet, and strolled down to the den, smiling as he walked in. Romano looked up.

"Ah, you have got'a exactly what I want." He closed the book, and Feliciano walked over, pouring the wine. And handing him the glass. "Grazie Mio Amore." He took the goblet, and just smiled. It was the most relaxed he had been all day.

Rome had seen his father walk away, and the little nation quickly darted into the pantry, slightly closing the ajar door.  He looked around, and then spotted the decanters on the floor. Several of them were a blush colored wine, some were deep red, and another was white. He thought the blush ones looked best, and possibly tasted like berries. Walking over, he flopped down on his bottom, and reached over, pulling the glass canister over to him. It wasn't that heavy, and he tilted it back, swallowing a majority of it. Setting it down, he coughed. It was not sweet like he had expected, but still, it had some delightful taste. He finished the one canister, and then grabbed the other one. Taking it to his lips, he started to feel a little funny.

Sipping from his glass, and putting an arm around Feliciano's waist, as the nation sat on the arm of the chair, Romano smiled up. He then cleared his throat.

"So eh, do I even'a ask where the little one is?" He gave the nation a gaze, and Feliciano blushed.

"He is'a in his room a' playing. And it worked Romano! He didn't a' like the make believe wine, so I'ma sure he will not be tasting some any time soon." The nation got up, but Romano pulled his hand back.

"Beni, Beni Feli…I'ma glad he will understand that." He yawned and then released his grip from Italy. "Is it almost time to eat? I am starving." Getting up, Feliciano nodded.

"Si' it is just about ready, I need to go and get Rome, and then let'sa eat!" The two nations walked out of the room, and headed down towards the kitchen.

Meanwhile, little Rome just sat sitting next to the empty glasses. He was swaying back, and forth hiccupping and all the while sitting on the floor. He felt great, but was not sure what was going on. He started singing and laughing to himself.

The two elder nations walked down the hall. Feliciano excused himself and walked up the steps to see about the little one. Romano walked towards the bathroom to wash up. Upon arriving to the child's bedroom, Italy said in a cheery voice as he opened the boy's door.

"Little Rome, come on my a' little tomato. The meal is'a ready and I…" Feliciano stopped talking as he walked into the room and found that the child was nowhere to be found. This slightly confused the nation, and he got a little worried. "Rome? Where are you little one. Come out for your'a Papa!" He walked over to the bed, kneeling down to see if the child was hiding. Looking all over, he was now frantic. The child was obviously missing.

He walked down the steps, and just as Romano was coming out of the washroom, the nation walked into him, and was very, very nervous.

"Aghhhhh!" Shouted Romano as he felt the smack from Feliciano's head into his. "Dio Feliciano, what'a the hell are you doing?" He stood back from the nation, and held him by the shoulders. Feliciano whined a little.

"Oh, oh Romano…Roma is…oh he's a' missing. He's a' not in his room, and I don'ta know where to look and…" The nation flailed his arms, and Romano went to calm him down when little singing was heard from the pantry.

Both nations stopped talking, Feliciano calmed  down, and Romano just glared at the door. It was closed, and there was a very good chance that there was some naughty little chibi behind the closed door. Rubbing his head, and walking past Feliciano, the angry nation strolled to the door, and opened it.

Sitting on the floor, and swaying back and forth, there sat little Rome. He had his little eyes half closed, and was hiccupping. But what really alerted the elder nation was the two empty decanters lying on the floor. Romano stormed right in, leaned down, and grabbed the little one into his arms.

"ROME!!! What'a the hell?" He walked out of the pantry, and a worried but relieved Feliciano walked next to him, and smiled. He reached out, and just set a hand on the child's arm while Romano held him closely.

"Naughty Rome, all drunk on wine." The elder nation smiled, and then hearing the child hiccup, he laughed a little. This made the boy laugh, but Lovino was not laughing.

"Give me'a two seconds and I will have'a him sober…" He held the boy firmly, but Rome was not responding, he was in his own little world.

"La, la, la…oh Papa! I feel so'a wonderful." He leaned back into Romano's arms, and the nation did everything in his power not to blister his little bottom right then and there.

Seeing as the boy needed to get better, Feliciano grabbed him out of harms way, and held him carefully. The move made the child slightly weary, and he started to whine.

"Aghhh…oh Papa, oh Papa…mmmmphh…I am gonna be sick!" The boy held two hands to his mouth and tried to hold back, but he could not control his little self, and became sick on the kitchen floor. Feliciano set held him down, and Romano's eyes just widened with anger.

"Out! Get'a him out Feli…you take'a him to his room, and put him'a to bed. Get him sober so when he is, he'a is going to get such a' smack!" The nation walked forward, but Italy just grabbed the sickly little nation back into his arms, and hurried towards the stairs.

"I will'a clean when I get back down the stairs Romano…please don't a' get mad…" He held the child tightly, and ran up the stairs.

The bouncing of his Papa running was making the little one start to feel sick again, and he whined, and kicked his little legs.

"Ahhhhh Papa, Papa, I don't like'a this feeling. Its'a bad, and a' making my head hurt. Paaaaaaapa!"

Feliciano did the best he could do, and arrived in the washroom, taking the child over to the toilet. He knelt down, and just had the child stay there, and if something happened, they were in the right place.

All the while Romano was downstairs. His eyes a flame, and angered. He could not believe the mischief his child was making, and this needed to be dealt with. He walked over to the stove, and removed the cover from the pasta. Smelling it, his mouth watered. He was annoyed that he had to wait to eat now. Pissed off, he walked back down to his study and slammed the door.

Feliciano held the boy, and so far Rome was feeling a little better. Grabbing a wet cloth, he ran it over the boy's head, and swayed him back and fourth in his arms. Once the child was content, but still inebriated, he walked back into the little nation's room, and sat down on the bed. The boy leaned his head on his elder's chest, and closed his eyes. It would only take a moment to have the boy asleep. But after a moment, Feliciano closed his eyes too. A short little Sonno would be alright.

For about a half hour the two slept. Opening his eyes, little Rome was feeling much better and climbed down from his Papa, and started to walk to the door. That was until he heard a voice.

"Little Rome…where'a are you going?" Feliciano rolled over on the bed, and leaned up on one arm, looking to the boy with a smirk.

Rome looked back and swallowed the harsh lump in his throat, and timidly put his little feet close together, and he spoke up.

"Eh…Papa, I was gonna go downstairs, and have some'a pasta…"

Italy got off the bed, and walked to the boy, holding out his hand. He did not want the child to go without him, and smiled down.

"Come on Rome…come with'a Papa, and we will go down together." He embraced the child's hand, and nodding Rome giggled. The two walked down the steps and arrived in the kitchen. Feliciano made sure to clean the mess, and then that was done, they could eat now.

It seems as if Romano heard the two arriving, and he walked out of his study. Still sore at his little one, he was going to hold off on the child's punishment. Only if the child acted up was he going to really give it to him.

Feliciano put the boy in a chair, and then Romano walked over sitting down as well. Italy then walked over to the stove, and took up the sauce. He added it to the pasta, and put aside some meatballs. He also had a fresh endive salad, and cut up tomatoes. Walking over to the table, he set down all the food, and sat down himself.

Rome's eyes widened. He was so happy to have everything in front of him. Feliciano served them all salad first, and this made the little one upset.

"Papa! I don't want salad. Its not as yummy as pasta!" He pouted and looked to the greens. Feliciano looked over to the boy, and then over at Romano. The nation did not say anything, just waited. Sighing Feliciano spoke up.

"You a' have to eat your greens little one, so you'a will be nice and big." He put on some more tomatoes to the child's plate, but the little one was not happy.

"But…I don'ta wanna!" He leaned back from the table, and crossed his arms over his chest, and just pouted. This upset Romano now, as he did not like defiance, and the fact that the child was giving attitude to his father, was not tolerated.

"Roma…you sit up properly, and you'a eat your dinner, or I tell'a you, I'ma going to spank your little bottom!"

Rome quickly went forward in his chair. He did not like the warning from Papa Romano, and quickly took to eating his salad. He did this so quickly that he was making Feliciano nervous.

"Ah, ah…Roma…you are going to choke. Please little one…swallow'a your bites!" The nation ate his salad, and would just watch the boy.

Then little Rome did something that he really shouldn't have. He shoved the food into his mouth, but pretended to be sick.

"Ugh…I'ma still not well Papa's." He got up from the table, and walked to the rubbish bin, and spit it out. He wiped his mouth, and walked back to the table. Getting back to his seat. Feliciano smiled slightly.

"Are you okay?" His compassionate eyes just looked to the boy, and Rome nodded his head.

"Of course Papa, now I can eat pasta!" He held out his plate, and was smiling until a loud thump was heard. The boy looked over to his Papa Romano, and the nation got frightened.

"You little one have worn outta' my patience. You didn't eat'a your salad like Papa asked, and now…you are going to'a get it for the little wine stunt you pulled a' before!" He got up from the table, and Rome was not quick enough to get away. Romano grabbed him up, and held him under his arm. Looking back, the nation spoke to Italy. "You will excuse us for a moment."

Feliciano could not say anything. After all, he was not surprised this didn't happen sooner. He watched as Romano took the small little nation down to the study and closed the door. Sitting at the table, Feliciano picked up his fork, and started to eat some more of his salad when he heard the unmistakable smacks of a little boy being spanked. There were little cries, and lecturing alongside the spanking. Italy felt terrible, and cringed at each slap that fell.

When it was over, the door opened, and walking down the hallway was Lovino holding the tiny tot in his arms. Rome's little face was streamed with tears, and he bawled hard and held on tightly to his Papa. Romano's expression was slightly lessened, as he had delivered what was necessary to his son. Arriving back into the dining room, the elder nation set the boy back in his seat. The hardness of the chair made the little boy's bottom slightly hiss as he was seated. Walking around to his own chair, Lovino sat down.

"Alright then Roma…you eat your dinner, and a' no nonsense anymore. You behave like'a brat, and that's a' what's gonna happen!"

Rome looked up, all the while wiping his little face, and taking his fork. He nodded his head.

"Si' Papa…Si'" He took to the meal, and ate with mild enthusiasm. Feliciano looked over at Romano, and was not upset. He knew the child was a handful, and it was treated the right way.

The three ate together, and after a little while, Rome starting talking about random things. He giggled, and made his Papa's smile, even Romano, who was making goofy faces at the boy. After dinner was over, The three went outside into the garden. Feliciano sat against Lovino, and the two watched their darling little chibi play in the flowers. They stayed outside until it was time for bed.
Blotto on the Vino

Submission Four of the Role Reversals by :iconarkham-insanity:

Based off this sketch.


The cute little chibi Rome, being raised by his Papa's Romano and Feliciano.

Cucciolo-Little Puppy (nickname)
Farfalle-type of pasta
Grazie Mio Amore-Thank you my love
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ewwww xD
Arkham-Insanity Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
AWWWW really this is my favorite one so far!!..its so cute and I just LOVE Romano and Italy as two papas that love each other and their little boy, its just so darling and adorable!!!! I read this twice!!! once last night before bed and again this morning...this is love!
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Why thank you lady! I think the reason why I had so much fun writing this was the dialect and how the Italians were speaking. "You'a can't be'a naked!"

They really are a loving couple too, and you know under that hard exterior, Romano loves his little bambino. :heart:
Arkham-Insanity Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
LOL yes favorite part I think was where Italy put the vingar in the grape juice and Romano is mad because he thinks its wine and he is giving into Rome and then drinks it and is like "WHAT is this!!!" that just make me role, the funniest was their interactions together LOL!
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, yeah, balsamic vinegar is quite awful by itself, when its not on a salad. I can't even imagine how it is served in grape juice.
Arkham-Insanity Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Hmmm maybe we should try it some time LOL!!! really that made me roll! poor Romano!
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
;-) I am game.
GimpedForLife Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never thought that Feli would be the disciplinarian, great job on this.
Shame on little Rome getting into all that wine....:laughing:
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh but Feliciano wasn't, Romano handled that my friend.
Seishiku Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Student General Artist
Feliciano is such a gentle soul... He has sucker written all over him. ^_^
Good thing Romano is there to 'balance things out' a little.
They really make such a sweet little family. For me, it was love at first sight. :love:
Cherry82 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awww...yeah, I like Feliciano. I really don't see him giving out punishment. And again, that one time he had to, was because he was frightened for the little one. Thanks darling.
Seishiku Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Student General Artist
Misterfleas Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cute. I was a little disappointed that it was Romano and not Feli that finally took responsible for the child though, teehee. Oh, and I really like that it was continued from the Chibi Germania sketch...fic...thing. You know what I mean. x3
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