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*Read the description below, there is a picture/drawing from a fellow deviantART member that goes along with the short story.*

"Okay little one, once we get you dressed, I need you to go outside and play for a little while. I am going to be cooking all day, making your favorite, and then after we eat, perhaps we will do a little studying."

Liechtenstein was dressing her little one, Switzerland in a green  shorts suit with a matching jacket. She then put on a little white beret hat, and then stood up looking down at him. Little Basch looked up with his green eyes looking into his mother's and he frowned a little bit. Leaning down, Lilly put one hand on her knee, and reached out a hand.

"Darling, whatever is the matter? Why are you giving me such a pout?" Liechtenstein had kind eyes to her, and smiled. Basch looked up and huffed.

"Mutti...this hat is silly, and it doesn't make me look like a big boy nation. I don't want to leave it on." He fussed with it, and his mother smiled, and straightened it back on his head.

"Nein, it is not silly, it makes you look very handsome. Now come along, I have a lot of cooking to get done, and I need you to be busy, and not underfoot." She tied his red bow on the front of his shirt, and stood up. "Come now...time for you to go outside."

Little Basch walked with his mother, and arrived to the front door that lead outside, and with excitement, he ran out looking for some sort of adventure. The two nations lived on a small area of land up in the Swiss Alps. The cottage, and a small shed holding certain weapons were among the structures that surrounded the area. Lilly in her heyday was quite the holder of machinery with her collection of weapons, but she did not let Basch know this, though the child had sneaked a peak, and knew what was inside.

Liechtenstein had started cooking in the kitchen while her little one Switzerland was outside doing whatever it was that he did. Mostly a little hermit, sometimes the elder nation would not know what the child was up to, though she figured he was fine, as he was usually a well behaved little boy. She had told the little man to stay close, and be careful, as he was adapt to getting into some dangerous types of things. She was stirring up some grated feta cheese to make for a fondue. It was her little Basche's favorite, and they would be eating in a little while. Some of Switzerland's favorite things were weapons, specifically guns. He liked the look of them, the fact that they were dangerous, and well…off limits. He tended to get that way when his Mutti told him that he was not allowed to touch certain things. Having that said, it would make the little nation just want to get to them more. He was warned with punishment, and he knew his Mutti was very stern about this, so he did manage to keep away when she was around. However, when she was off busy cooking, or cleaning, he would go and take a gander. It was getting late, and Lilly wiped her hands on her apron. She walked towards the outside door, and called to the boy.

"Basch? Baschy...Kommen Hier!" She held her hands to her mouth, and called to him again. The boy knew to come when he was called, but he just happened to be snooping around in the shed looking wide eyed at the gun. Reaching out to touch it, he paused as he heard his name being called. "Basch?  Basch Zwingli!" The female nation stood now crossing her arms over her chest.

Basch gasped, and knowing he would need to come back later, he quickly ran out of the shed, and ran to the sound of his mother's voice. He saw her standing there looking none too happy, and he bit back his lip, and walked over.

"Mutti?" The little one looked up to her and his eyes just got large. Leichenstein looked down to him, and shook her head.

"Basch...I have been calling you for a while, where were you young man?" She kept a firm gaze on him. Usually when the child did not respond, she knew what he had done. "Were you in the shed?" She crossed her arms, and waited. Basch looked up.

"Um...Ja?" He knew if he had lied it would be worse." Lilly's eyes grew wide, and she reached out and grabbed him by the arm. "

"You went to the shed? When I told you not to ever go inside? Very well...if you are not going to disobey your Mutti, then you will go and stand in the corner. I don't have time for your little antics today Basch." She walked him inside, and the little nation started to whine.

"But...but Mutti...I...I um..." He pouted and whined, and stamped his little feet. His Mother became very agitated.

"Nein little one, when I call for you, you need to come, because I may not know where you are, or if you are in trouble, and...I gave you an order...the next time you disobey my rule about the shed, you will be over Mein lap." She looked to the corner, but the child was being slightly difficult, and settled on his room inside. Nothing was worse, because Basch was a very adventurous little nation, so being withheld from the outside was the worst thing ever.  "Go to your room little one, until I say you can come out." She pointed her finger towards where the child's bedroom was, and he looked up slightly pouting.

"I...I don't wanna go to Mein room Mutti...I want to play outside...and..." He was cut off by his Mother pointing down towards his bedroom.

"Right now...and if I hear anymore pouting from you, you'll going to catch it." She wavered a finger, and walked back to what she was doing.

Basch's eyes widened, and he slowly turned around and ran to his bedroom. Shutting the door, he walked to his bed, and flopped down on his stomach, very annoyed, and very upset that he had let himself get punished like this. This was a silly punishment for a warrior. He was not going to sit here and take this. He looked over to the window and saw his mother outside. She was locking the shed, and making it now more difficult if the boy was to try to go inside now. He huffed, and looked up at the window in his own room, and wobbled over it. Forcing it open, he looked around the room, and saw a skip rope. His eyes lit up, and he got down from his bed, and grabbed it. Scoffing as he picked it up, he really could not believe some of the toys his mother bought him. This was without a doubt the most ridiculous toy that a boy could ever play with. Holding it in his grasp, he walked over to the window, and started to fish out the rope, and looking outside, he saw it land to the ground. Just as he was about to escape, he heard his name being called. His mother must have went back inside, which he was relieved for, he did not want to get caught with the rope situation.

"Ah...oh no...Mutti is calling me!" He quickly took the rope, pulling it back, but it slipped from his hands, and fell outside, landing down to the ground. He peered over the ledge, and just stared. He would have to rescue it later. Closing the window, he then quickly ran to the door, and opened it.

Padding down the hallway, he saw his mother standing there with a not so delighted expression on her face. It seemed like something may have happened, but Basch was not going to be blamed for nothing, so he casually walked up to her.

"Mutter?" The little one just gave her puppy dog eyes, and this was something hard for the elder nation to resist. She broke, and smiled down at him.

"Oh Basch...I need you to go outside and gather up some fire wood. Once that is done, bring them to the side door, and then take a couple of pieces, and bring them inside. I am making  cheese fondue for supper tonight. I know its your favorite." She gave the child a smile, and this of course made the nation smile.

"Really??? Oh Ja! Ja...Mutter..." He quickly ran outside, and gathered the wood as he was asked. Taking several logs, and hauling them towards the side entrance to the house. Once that was done, he took a couple of logs, and walked back into the house, and set them by the hearth, letting the wood sit on the floor. He looked up. "Um...may I go back outside now? I want to explore more." He said this while swishing his little foot to the ground.

Liechtenstein finished stirring, and looked down to the boy, nodding her head. She was sure there were many adventures for the boy to have, and she did not want to withhold him from having fun. Setting down the spoon, she looked towards outside. It would be dark in a little while, but it wasn't dark yet, so she turned back to the boy, and replied to him.

"Ja, you may go outside little one, but behave yourself, and come when I call you. Do not get your outfit dirty, and please be careful." She walked over to him, and leaned down, stroking his little chubby cheek.

"I will Mutti, I promise." He laughed, and ran towards the door. Heaving it open, the first thing he did was run towards the shed, and before he could go any further, he heard a loud voice.

"Nein know better than to go into the shed again. Now you know if I have to tell you again, it will be most unpleasant!" She had watched the child run outside, and she stood by the door. Basch turned around, and looked towards her, stamping his little feet slightly having a fit.

"Mutti! I wasn't going to..."

"Basch? I said go find something else to do!" Her last word was just that. The last word. Basch did not dare argue. The elder nation turned around, and walked back indoors, leaving the upset little nation.

Basch however was not going to heed his mother's command. And so what if his mother locked the shed, there were ways around this.  He suddenly remembered his skipping rope, and thought of some way he could use it. He ran to the side of the house, and saw the rope lying there. Grabbing it up, he walked towards the shed again. Looking around to possibly see if his mother was lurking anywhere, he felt that he was indeed safe. Lilly mixed up the cheese, keeping a low flame under it, as it needed to be stirred frequently. She then decided on making a fresh loaf of rye bread, as the child liked to dip his bread into the cheese. It was such a simple and delightful meal, that she had no problem doing this for her little one. She knew that he was behaving, because she did not want to have to warn him again. He knew what would be the result. A wooden paddle hung up on the wall by the fireplace. It had been whittled by a kind gentleman in town with many children. He had given it to Lilly as a precaution. Children acted up from time to time, and the use of it on a little one's backside, was most effective. The female nation was very appreciative, and purchased it. She had only used it a couple of times, once for when Basch tried to start a fire by himself, and another time when he was in a most horrible of moods. He had a tendency to let his bold little attitude come out sometimes, and it was not acceptable. The paddle was used on his bare behind, and from the two times, he was most unhappy, and cried both times. Warriors did not cry, and he did not want this to happen again. The paddle was avoided at all costs.

The little nation took up the rope and held it in his hands. He was not sure of what the heck he was going to do with it, because it would require some skill. Glancing over to the shed, he noticed that the window was open in there. Sometimes his mother dried flowers, and the air from outside helped. He needed to get inside because there were some delightful weapons that he needed. He needed them really bad. He knew his mother was still cooking and it would be ready soon, so he needed to be quick. He would not be able to get inside the shed with the rope alone, so he wrapped it around his waist. He then looked around and saw some wooden boxes stacked. His mother loved to go shopping for fruit, and did so in large quantities. Sometimes the boxes would collect. Little Basch knew exactly what he needed the boxes for, and that was to get inside the shed. With all his might, he pulled over several of the boxes, stacking one on top of the other, until it was a well enough height to reach the window. Hoisting himself up, he reached the window, after looking down to have the boxes fall over, and he shook his head, getting inside anyway.

Setting the bread in a bowl to rise, she then walked down to the child's room to make his bed, and then make her own. The house work was not much, as the child was very efficient in cleaning after himself. Anything his mother asked of him, he usually did not have a problem following. The only thing Lilly usually had to remind the child of was his fascination with the weapons. She was more than sure he was okay outside. Doing whatever it was that he did. She would check on him when the bread was done being baked. Once that was done, the fondue would be served, and then she would call upon the little nation.

Happily inside, Basch looked around. Since it was still light outside, the inside of the shed was well lit enough that he could look at the weapons being held. He looked around, and his gaze widened as his eye caught the most amazing looking gun hanging on the wall. He simply had to have it, and perhaps play with it. Maybe he would shoot a squirrel, or some other small beast. The gun was hung up, so he got on his tip toes, and grabbed up the gun. He had to weigh the balance, and almost falling, he gripped it in his hands, and was in awe. He held the cold metal to his face, and smiled.

"This is gut...I like this gun, so very, very gut." The little boy was taken into his own little world, when he heard his mother calling his name, and he gasped. "Oh Nein!"

Still holding the weapon, he looked up to the window, and had to get down. Panicking, he tried to go out the door first, but when he went to open it, it was of course locked. Walking back to the window, he hoisted himself up the table that was below, and doing this with the gun in tow, very difficult, and very dangerous. He made sure the gun's head wasn't facing his own little face. Taking the skip rope from his waist, he tied it around the base of the gun, and then slowly lowered it to the ground. Once that was done, he then pulled himself out of the window. Looking down, it was about a five foot drop. He would just have to be brave. Closing his eyes, he dropped to the ground, falling hard onto his bottom. Biting his lip, his eyes watered, and he moaned out.

"Basch! Where are you little one? Come now, its time for you to eat something. Come little one."  The female nation was calling from the front door, and did not see the little one coming from the shed, because he was still at the back.

"Coming Mutter!" He called out so the elder nation would at least know that he heard her. And Lilly walked back inside.

The little nation sighed and huffed. He was glad that he did not get seen. He grabbed up the gun, hiding it behind him. Though this would seem very recognizable from an adult's perspective's view, the little nation however being two foot tall, thought he could hide the large gun. He walked inside slowly, hiding the gun behind him. Lilly who had her back turned to the boy, and judging from the child coming in later than when she expected, she spoke to him while still focusing on the food. She cleared her throat, and glanced at him for a split second, and saw the child quickly gasp and try to hide the weapon. She turned back to the cheese.

"Switzy, what do you have behind your back?" She cut the fresh loaf of bread into sliced, and then took out two plates. Basch swayed back and forth.

"Nuthin Mutti..." He needed to somehow get out of the kitchen, put the gun aside, and then come back without being noticed. He watched, and waited for a moment when the female nation was going to be busy again. Not getting a response, and sensing something was astray, the nation just responded in a very firm tone.

"Little Kinder who lie don't get cheese fondue for supper."  She shook her head and continued what she was doing. Basch's mouth hung open, and dropping the gun to the floor, which thankfully did not go off, he stuttered a little at the answer he got from the elder nation.

"M-Mutti...I'm sorry!" He ran up to her and pulled on her skirt. "Nahhhhh...ughhh...Mutti....Mutti Nein! I am hungry Mutti, please?" He started to whine, and Liechtenstein turned around looking down at him, while shaking her head.

" know better than to keep me waiting, and you need to come when you are called. obviously lied about really ought to know better than..." The female turned around, and her eyes went wide as she looked down to the ground, and saw a very familiar, and extremely dangerous weapon lying on the ground. Her eyes went directly to the child. "Basch Zwingli what is that there on the floor?"

Little Basch grew frightened, and looked over to where his mother was pointing and he immediately played the fool. He shook his head, and muttered a little response.

"Um...Mutti...I don't know. Um I think it was already there when I came inside. I was playing outside. I mean...wasn't it here when I walked in, I could have sworn." He swallowed the large lump in his throat, and stared at his mother.

Raising an eyebrow, Lilly put her hands to her hips and could not believe the gall of the child, and his lying. He was doing it right to her face, and this was not something she would stand for it.

"Young man...I will ask you one more time. How did that weapon get to be on the floor? And you will not be eating anything until I am answered." She just glared at the little nation, and very nervous, the child sniffed and looked up.

", I went into the shed Mutti...and...I brought the weapon inside. B-But I was going to bring it back, I swear!"

Gasping, Lilly just could not believe it and shook her head. She had stated that the shed was off limits, strictly because of the weapons that the dwelling held. She couldn't even begin to wonder how he got inside.

"You went into the shed again? I told you to stay out of the shed! Wait... I locked did you get inside?" She was now very perplexed, and demanded an answer from the little one.

"I...*sniff*, I climbed up some boxes Mutti...and..." This was it, she cut him off and walked over to him, kneeling down.

"I am very, very upset with you! Not only did you disobey your Mutter, but you held in your hands a very dangerous weapon that could have hurt, or killed you. And also...look at your clothing, and...yours hands, and face!" She reached out and took his little hands into hers, shaking her head. "You are beyond filthy. That's it little one..." She let go of his hands, and stood up, walking over to the wall by the fireplace, and took the wooden paddle into her hands. Turning back around, she slapped it down in her hand. "I have no other choice but to punish you Mein little boy."

Basch looked up at her and his hands flew to his little backside and he shook his little head.

"Mutti! Mutti Nein! I-I won't ever disobey you again..." His eyes started to well up, and he bit back his lip, though he knew not to ignore an order from his mother. She called him, and he had no choice but to obey her.

Lilly walked over to a dining room chair, and sat down. She drew the little child towards her, setting the paddle down on the table, and turning back to the boy, she lifted his chin up, and she spoke to him.

"I am very disappointed in you little one, and for all that you have done, which was very naughty, you will be punished...and you are never to disobey a direct order like this again." She then reached down, and swiftly pulled down his little green shorts, and lifting his shirt up. She pulled down his undergarments, and exposed his bare little bottom. Upon feeling this, the little nation panicked, and shook his head.

"Ahhhhh...Mutti, Nein, Nein!" The little nation did not want a spanking on his bare behind, but Lilly had no intention of listening to him now. She pulled him over her lap, and held him firmly. Raising the paddle, she swiftly starting smacking his backside, unleashing many firm smacks. The child kicked at his legs, and burst into a furry of tears. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Mutti, Mutti...please, I am sorry!!!"

She held him closer, and shook her head, as the smacking continued. Holding him tightly, and hearing the child's little cries, she did not feel bad in the least. The little one was told that he was not allowed to go near the shed, and his lying needed to be dealt with. Letting the paddle hit down again, the child's little cheeks were becoming a nice hue of pinkish red.

"Mutti bottom is on fire. Please, please!" He was crying so hard, he was choking on his sobs. Lilly laid down the paddle, slapping down again, continuing. Little Basch was wiggling to get down, and he was most unhappy. Then with one more, she then set the implement aside, letting the child just lay there, sobbing. Rubbing the child's back slowly, she then picked the boy up, holding him upwards, while still sitting down. She leaned his head on her shoulder and rubbed his backside empathetically, all the while soothing him.

"There, there little know very well you were not to go into the shed, and that is the last time that will ever happen." She pulled the child up into her arms, and walked to the washroom. "First a bath, as you are beyond filthy."

She arrived to the washroom, and setting the boy on his feet, she removed his shirt, and threw it aside on the floor. His little shorts and underpants were already off from before. Once he was in the bare, the little one held his hands to his warmed backside, and stood there rubbing, and crying all the while. Lilly adjusted the temperature of the bath, and added some soap flakes. She reached over and lifted Basch up, placing him into the water. Sitting him down, the little nation cringed slightly, as the water making contact with his sore bottom did not feel good at first. The child was scrubbed from head to toe, washed behind the ears, and his blond hair cleaned, and rinsed. The bath was now over. Nothing was said, but sniffling was heard the whole time. The little boy rubbed at his eyes, his Mutti really did spank hard. Taking him out of the water, Lilly wrapped the boy in a towel, and walked down to his bedroom.

Arriving, she opened the boy's wardrobe, and pulled out a night shirt. Setting the boy on the bed, Basch wiped his eyes, and sniffed loudly. He saw his mother preparing the night shirt, and that meant bedtime, whether he wanted to sleep or not. Walking back over, she put on his nightshirt, having the linen trail down, over his exposed and smarting bottom. Once this was done, she picked up and held him close to her. Basch was confused, normally she would put him to bed, but she wasn't doing this. She walked out of the room, and arrived to the table, and she set him down in his seat. He looked up, and seeing this she spoke to him.

"I know, usually I send you to bed after a spanking, but I know you are hungry. So you will sit there, eat, and then you will go to bed. Is that understood?" The child nodded his head, and sniffed again.

"J-Ja Mutti...I am sorry I was bad...I really am..." His green eyes gazed into hers, and really Lilly could not stay mad at him. He really was well behaved most of the time. Setting a hand on his head, she nodded.

"Well alright then, but let that be a reminder young man." She walked over to the counter, and took the freshly sliced rye bread, and set it down on the table. Taking the cheese fondue, she set it in the middle of the table, so that the two nations could share. Basch loved this meal, because he loved to dip his bread. Sometimes he would be a little gluttonous, but it was still cute in Liechtenstein's eyes. "Alright Basch, go ahead, fill your tummy." The elder nation said this while sitting down.

Basch grabbed a piece of bread, and took it up, dunking it into the silky smooth and steaming cheese. He swirled it around, and then taking it too his mouth, bit in, expressing emotions of love to the cheesy goodness. As he did so however, smears of the melted cheese got all over his face. Eating her dinner as well, Lilly looked over and shook her head with a stern smile. She grabbed a cloth, wet the end of it in her water mug, and wiped the child's face, all the while lecturing him.

"That's not very dignified young man. You know better than to eat like a little swine." She wiped the rest of the cheese off, and Basch slightly whined.

"Ehhh, Mutti...its so gut, and I can't help but want to eat faster and...mmmmmm..." He said this as he dipped another piece of bread in, and bit into it. Again, with cheese running down his chin. He grabbed the cloth, and this time wiped his own mouth. "See Mutti...I can do it!"

Just watched the child, she sighed, and shook her head. Though the child could be a handful at times, she simply loved his adventurous and cavalier attitude. The little nation ate his fill, and sat back in his chair, rubbing his little tummy. He was beginning to get a little droopy eyed, which is exactly how the elder nation wanted the child to be, it would be much easier for her to get him to bed. Standing up, she removed the plates and put them into the sink basin, and then taking the leftover cheese, she put a cover over it, and set it aside. Turning back around to the table, the little boy had slumped over, and was now resting his head down, eyes shut, and full on slumbering. She took off her apron, and walked over, lifting the child gently into her arms. She then walked down to his bedroom, and pulling back the blankets, set him under, and covered him. Not stirring, or waking up, she leaned down and kissed him good night.

"Gute Nacht my little Basch. Pleasant dreams." She stood watching him, and then walked out of the room to finish cleaning the kitchen.

It took her a total of a half hour, and then when she was done, she settled herself at the table with a nice cup of tea. She sat there thinking of things, and sighed. She took a sip of the tea, and as she set down the cup, she heard crying coming from the bedroom. Quickly getting up, she walked towards the bedroom, and opened the door to the child's bedroom. Looking in, she saw her little one sitting up in the bed rubbing his eyes, and sobbing.

"Baschy? What is the matter my love?" She walked over to the bed, and sat on the edge, putting her hand down on the bed at his little feet. The child sobbed more, and pushed back the blankets, and crawled over to his mother, and embraced her.

"Mutti...Mutti, there was a big monster. I couldn't kill it. It was chasing you, and...and *sniff*. I went to kill it with my gun, but I couldn't get it to work. *Sniff, sniff*...Mutti it was so scary!!! He cried into his mother's arms. Lilly grabbed him up into her arms, and held the sobbing little nation on her lap. She hushed him.

"Its okay my little Lieber. Everything is alright, it was just a dream, and there is nothing that is going to hurt you now. You are in Mutti's safe arms, and I will always be here for you." She rocked him back and forth, and the child was beginning to feel better. He smiled and looked up at her, just leaning against her. She leaned down as well and kissed his little tear stained cheeks. "Alright, go back to sleep, and morning will be here before you know it."

Basch nodded his head, and feeling her embrace a little longer, he crawled back to his spot in the bed, and then Liechtenstein adjusted his blankets, tucking him in, and resting a hand on his chest. She put her other hand to her mouth, kissed it, and then placed it on his little nose. Closing his eyes, the little one soon fell fast asleep.

The next morning, Basch woke up to the sound of a rooster crowing in the distance. This usually meant it was around six in the morning. Casting aside the blankets, the boy hurried out of bed, and ran towards his mother's room. When he looked inside however, he noticed that she was not there. Slightly panicking, the little one ran to the kitchen, and slowed down a bit, as he saw her standing by the stove, pouring herself a mug of tea. She turned around, and faced the little one.

"Gute Morgen my little boy." She said this with a smile, and Basch quickly ran over to her, hugging her legs, and not letting go. She set the mug down, and bent over, picking the child up into her arms. "No more bad dreams right little one?"

"No more scary dreams was gone when I went back to sleep." He smiled up at her, and then she looked to him again, this time a little sternly.

"Is my little one going to behave himself today, and not cause mischief?" She said this with a smile, and Basch nodded his head.

"Ja, Ja Mutti. I will be very gut today." He leaned into her closer, resting his head on her shoulders. Satisfied with the answer, Liechtenstein nodded her head, and headed back to the child's room.

"Okay then, let's get you dressed and then we'll do something fun today." She set him down, opened his wardrobe, and pulled out a brown jacket with matching shorts, and a navy blue button shirt. Taking off the child's night shirt, she quickly dressed him, and then two walked out of the room, arriving at the dining room. Having the child sit down, she brought over two slices of rye bread, with jam, and a mug of milk.

The child hungrily ate his breakfast, while Lilly sat there drinking her tea. She then glanced over to the floor, near the front door, and saw that the weapon the child had brought it was still lying there. Casting a wayward glance at the boy, and then back at the gun, she stood up, and walked over to it, grabbing it into her hands. She looked back to Basch.

"Little one, Mutti is going to lock this in the shed. You sit and stay there, finish your breakfast and I will be right back." She did not let the child respond, as he had a mouth full of jam bread.

Walking outside, Lilly approached the shed, unlocked it, and went inside. She was amazed to see that the child went through all the trouble of actually getting inside, and getting to the weapon. She hung up the gun, and then seeing as everything was in place, she closed the window, and then shut the door to the shed, locking the door behind her. Walking back to the house, Lilly walked back inside, and little Basch looked up. He had jam on his little face, and he smiled at the elder nation. Smiling back at him,  Liechtenstein grabbed a cloth, leaning down she wiped up the child's face.

"Hey little one, what do you say, we go into town, go to the toy shop, and I buy you a nice pop gun?" She was so excited in saying this, and just looked at her child's big green eyes.

Basch just sat there, while he swallowed some of the last bites of his jam bread. He could not believe his mother was going to get him a lousy little make believe gun, but looking at her face, and how excited she was, the little nation could only shake his head yes.

"Ja Mutti...I am 'cited. Let's go!" He got up from the table, and though he did not want to show his disappointment, he would just agree...because he liked to see his mother happy.

"Alright little one, let's go, and then perhaps we can have something sweet and delicious as a treat." She grabbed the child's hand, and the two walked outside, and headed towards town to what would be a most delightful little day.
A Fondue Fabrication

Role Reversal Seven

Based off the drawing from :iconarkham-insanity:


Little Switzerland doesn't get into trouble very often, but he does manage to find himself in a world of trouble when he gets his hands on a certain dangerous weapon.

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And now Vash has had his face cleaned by Lili!
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Danke...I like naughty different to see him rebel when he is always, always so well behaved. ;-)
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Lovely as ever!^^
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I also like the way you used the German language in this story. I mean, I know you've used it before with the other Germanic countries, but, I dunno. Maybe it's just because I knew all the words without looking them up for once xD
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Awww, thanks darling. I loved the way Switzerland was brave, and all bold, but he has a fear about the dreaded paddle, and he does have a respect towards her. :-)
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Yes, he could not disobey when she beaconed him to her.
However, he seemed to have no problem disobeying when it came to breaking into the shed and playing with the dangerous weapons. x3
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